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CI is one of the most important things to represent Optrontec, and is representing optical products of Optrontec.
The diamond structure stands for a solid management structure, rational management ideology, competitive edges with competitors, and growth potential and progressiveness.
The oval, which has an infinite meaning overlaid with the rhombus, represents the infinite development of Optronec Co., Ltd. and presents the vision of the evolving company.

옵트론텍 2017 로고_3. Mobile웹 로그인 이미지.png

CI Basic Combination

Please use the following CI Standard Use Guide so that you should communicate  the companies' identity through an appropriate use.
Optrontec CI must comply with the color and space regulations and cannot be used by modifying its shape under any circumstances

CI Exclusive Color Regulation

- Dedicated colors are designated color as another important means of differentiating Optrontec's image.
- The main colors representing Optrontec is navy blue, and there are red, green, dark gray, and light gray as
   supplementary colors.
- The colors could be displayed differently depending on the media, so it shall be required careful attention for using
   the colors to represent CI.

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